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18 Free 2018 SEO tools to boost your website traffic to a new level

2018 free SEO website traffic

Just like Your spanners and other tools make up a Mechanic Workshop, Cement, Plumb, Headpan,Hand trowel, Chisel , harmer, Spade etc make up a bricklaying workshop so also we have some certaintools that make up other businesses including Online business.

You are on your motto ride and suddenly your car broke down so you brought out your tools to put the car in order believe, me even if you don’t know how to do it in the next 20munites or less you will see someone to help fix your minor car issue but if you don’t have the tools available even if the person comes, you will still be left with no option than to leave the car broke there and take a taxi home or call for a Mechanic who have the tools readily available.

What am trying to say in essence is that when your tools are not available as an online business mansooner or later you will begin to notice a sudden change of retardation or even a fall of your business

As a freelancer who write paid contents you need a computer, A Notepad on your computer, and The Google is also a research tools you must not neglect.

Did you want to become a successful online business man? did you want to be well known online like>a href=””> Kennedy Prosper and other online entrepreneurs ? then the only secrete tool is search engine optimization (SEO)

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