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Gunmen kill labour leader, 2

Gunmen kill labour leader, 2
others in Kogi
Updated: 50 minutes ago
Author: David Oladele
Views: 71857
Category: Local news , News
– Three people have been reportedly killed
by unidentified gunmen in Kogi state
– Amongst them is the chairman of the
National Association of State University,
Abdulmumini Yakubu, and his younger
– The killing is coming a day after one
other person was killed by unknown
gunmen in the same town
Unknown gunmen on Wednesday,
November 1, killed Abdulmumini
Yakubu, the Kogi state chairman of the
National Association of State University
(NASU) and his younger brother.
Vanguard reports that the killing took
place around 7pm while worshipers
were performing ablution for the
night’s prayers.
Yakubu and his younger brother from
Okene, Kogi Central senatorial district
were gunned down while performing
the ablution in front of the house of the
late state NASU chairman.

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