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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness Episode 25

Story written by Ayanpoju Ayanyemi
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Episode 25

    All that is on my mind on hearing the opening of the door is that it the girl that enter back. that ginger my spirit to keep pumping her hand from the back with out knowing what happening.
about to release my hot akamu when a hand grab Me from the back and throw me away, I couldn’t fathom what happening to me I saw my mum spirit at my front shaking her head, I was just lieing helplessly where I am, loud bang on my head make me pass out finally.

horning of cars wake me up from the slumber, my head keep thudding hard like it going to be cut off. I try to raise my hand up that when I realise I was tied I keep wandering who I offended just after I get here. I was still thinking and regretting cursing my self my friend and my mum when the car stop.

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