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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness Episode 21

Story written by Ayanpoju Ayanyemi
Did You Missed Any Episode Read It HERE

Episode 21

   I can’t just take my eye off the beautiful damsel beside. she catch me straying at her And smile I just forget abt all my worries and what am there.

she keep making strange call while driving speaking in different language I don’t understand.
we stop over in a big building after the outskirt if the city she motion on me to get down and she did the same I keep looking at her with a questioning look she enter the building and I followed her from behind.
I couldn’t understand what she and the person at the counter where discussing she will look at me and laugh.
I Later understand we re going to spend the rest of the day in the hotel and the same room. I was still sitting on the bed lost in thought when she enter with a knee length towel tied around her waist with water dripping down from her body my john Thomas was already rock hard like a lion ready to pounce on his prey.
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